6 spa tips you must know

Currently, spas are receiving the favor of a large number of customers because of benefits such as privacy, time savings, and the ability to be autonomous in many aspects. To help you better understand spa services and notes when using this service, Hygge Spa invites you to refer to the article below.

Preparation process before going to spa services

The preparation process before going to the spa includes several steps, as follows:

  • Make an appointment: Contact the spa to make an appointment and determine the time and service you want to experience. This helps you to ensure that you will have your own service time and avoid long waits.
  • Find out about services: If you are new to spa services, find out before you come. This helps you better understand the process and benefits of each service, so you can choose the right one for your needs and desires.
  • Prepare your outfit: Usually, you will be provided with a robe or something to wear at the spa. Choose clothes that are comfortable and easy to change.
  • Arrive on time: Make sure you arrive at the spa on time or at least before your appointment time to allow enough time to relax and prepare before experiencing the service.
  • Turn off cell phones: Before entering the spa area, turn off or set your cell phone to vibrate so as not to disturb your and others’ quiet and relaxing space.
  • Relax your mood: Before you step into the spa, let your mind relax and make it a goal to relax, unwind, and take care of yourself. Enjoy the process, and let the spa staff take care of you.
  • Follow the staff’s instructions: When you arrive at the spa, the staff will guide you through the process and next steps. Listen and follow the instructions to ensure your best experience.

6 spa tips you must know from Hygge Spa

2.1. Do not overeat when using spa services.

You should not eat too much because using spa services will make you uncomfortable. You should also not eat too little to avoid stomach upset while you are enjoying it. Therefore, snacking is the most reasonable. You should eat an hour before going to the spa and only eat foods such as vegetables, fruits, or light cakes.

2.2 Do not visit the spa when you have a skin disease.

If you are suffering from skin diseases such as fungus, warts, etc., then you should not use spa services until you are cured. Because the effects of massage techniques on the skin can cause redness, swelling, and heat in the wound, the healing process is slow.

If you are having a special skin treatment or medication, going to a spa can interfere with the treatment and make it less effective. At the same time, the application of inappropriate spa treatments can reduce the effectiveness of the skin treatment being performed.

Therefore, if you have a skin condition, consult your doctor or dermatologist before going to the spa. They can provide you with appropriate advice and guidance, based on your skin condition, to ensure the safety and effective care of your skin.

2.3 Choose a quality and reputable spa.

Although the main purpose of going to the spa is to relax, if the space is not comfortable and the staff has an unfriendly attitude, the relaxation session will lose its comfort and become less fun. Therefore, choosing a spa that provides guaranteed services is also something you need to keep in mind. The right price or service experience is also one of the important factors when making a decision to choose the right spa.

During many years of providing services, Hygge Spa has understood the anxiety of customers about how to relax at a reasonable price. When choosing a care combo, the specialist must have high skills and a friendly service attitude toward customers. The Hygge Spa team is always prepared to accompany you with professional expertise and subtle understanding to help you have a lighter and more relaxed day.

2.4 Enjoy the space

To be able to relax more deeply, a quiet space will be suitable for those who do not like noise to “refresh” the body. If you are an extrovert, you can talk to the staff because they are always ready to listen to customers. As long as you yourself feel happy when enjoying it.

2.5. Massage and room temperature

If the massage therapist makes you uncomfortable, tell them to adjust the massage force. In the room, if the temperature heats up or down, you can also ask the staff to adjust. At Hygge Spa, customers always feel as comfortable as possible because the staff is very attentive to them.

2.6 Do not film or take pictures at the spa.

In order to create a private and quiet space for customers using spa services, you should not take pictures or record videos. Using a camcorder or cell phone to film or take pictures at the spa can be distracting and detract from a relaxing space for both you and others enjoying the spa service. You can go to the grounds or the spa’s living room to take pictures, and you can take beautiful pictures while avoiding affecting others.

Benefits of using services at Hygge Spa

Diverse care treatments

Each customer will have different preferences, finances, and body conditions. Many customers who come to the spa have difficulty choosing the right treatment. Hygge Spa now has a variety of treatments from a variety of menus for you to choose from more easily.

  • Body massage
  • Foot massage
  • Body care
  • Facial care
  • Nail care
  • Shampoo
  • Kid care

Professionalism in workmanship

This is a benefit that only occurs when you go to the spa to take care of your skin. At that time, you will be consulted and examined by experts who have expertise and experience to help you understand your current body condition and offer appropriate beauty treatments.

In addition, sometimes just looking from the outside can’t reveal all the problems of the body, so when you go to large spas, you will be examined with modern machines to learn about the skin from the deep inside. From there, it helps to provide the right treatment and care methods for each person’s skin type.

Cost savings

Spa will have a lot of different treatments and services with individual prices. To accommodate customers who want to enjoy all the service packages, Hygge Spa has launched special packages with voucher packages. Accordingly, there are many customers who save considerable costs but still enjoy high-quality services.

Reduce stress, focus on relaxation

With the motto “Experience the feeling, heal the soul”, Hygge Spa helps customers’ bodies have better blood circulation and reduce joint pain when working too much. Thus, you will be completely relaxed.

Above is the sharing from Hygge Spa about spa services and tips to keep in mind when going to the spa. Hopefully the article helps you better understand the process as well as the necessary notes. Thank you for following this post!

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