What is Aroma massage? What are the benefits of aromatherapy? 

Massage treatments are being cared for by many health-loving devotees. And one of the most popular massage treatments is aroma massage. Aroma massage can be understood as massage technicians will use essential oils extracted from therapeutic plants for customers experiencing fatigue and sluggishness. Because essential oils have a relaxing, soothing and re-energizing effect. Let’s learn about Aroma Massage with Hygge Spa and the benefits of Aroma massage.

What is aroma massage?

Aroma massage mainly combines with essential oils extracted from lavender, orange, bergamot and eucalyptus to treat body aches and pains. These flavorings are all plant compounds derived from herbs, plant extracts, and flowers. Usually, strong fragrance oils are often combined with more fragrant essential oils, to form a serum or lotion before use.

What are the benefits of aroma massage? 

Aromatherapy are frequently used to: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Boost overall wellbeing 
  • Help you sleep better when you have insomnia
  • Help you relax 
  • Reduce weariness or painful muscles
  • Soothe chronic pain
  • Improve attention
  • Reduce skin diseases
  • Holistic aromatherapy massage can provide short-term benefits for psychological well-being and a beneficial, but not long-term, influence on anxiety reduction.

Increase the effectiveness of Aroma massage with rock salt

Aroma massage with rock salt will be a perfect combination.

The natural minerals of rock salt crystals have the effect of reducing pain and anxiety. At the same time, depression, insomnia, allergies, migraines, colds, … gradually improved. In addition, clients can balance energy, strengthen the immune system thanks to these materials.

Mineral salt essence has negative ions combined to help release and eliminate toxins from the body, helping to reduce excess fat in the body. In addition, the functions of mineral salt essence will have a pH balance to reduce shine and be able to exfoliate to improve skin condition significantly. As a result, the skin will become brighter, healthier and more beautiful than before. Along with the effects of hands and essential oils, the energy from rock salt will help you relax, thereby improving your health and beauty.

Hygge Spa – The perfect choice


When it comes to the prestigious and quality Aroma massage address, we must definitely mention Hygge Spa. This is one of the spa centers with a variety of services.

The interior space is a harmonious combination between the quiet space of the spa and the freshness, openness and freshness of plants and flowers. Overall, this place is built and designed in a modern style that will focus on neatness and sophistication. Along with that, the interior at Hygge Spa is carefully selected and meticulously arranged.

The massage room here is very unique because each room will be optimally decorated in the style of natural elements. Soundproof walls are also built inside by Hygge Spa to ensure privacy. The equipment here is also extremely modern such as: air conditioning, massage bathtub, … The massage bed at Hygge Spa is always clean and smooth for customers to relax. The cool scent from natural essential oils along with the soothing and soothing melodies of the music make the relaxing space more perfect.

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Talking about the Aroma massage service of Hygge Spa is no less competitive. The staff at Hygge Spa are carefully selected for both novel and methodical massage techniques. Each rhythmic and flexible hand movement will help the client’s body be relaxed and refreshed.

Besides technology, service attitude is also a very important point. Coming to Hygge Spa, customers will be taken care of by dedicated and thoughtful staff.

In addition, the massage oils at Hygge Spa are all carefully selected premium types. So customers can be completely assured when coming here to experience the service.

At Hygge Spa, there are many other effective massage packages available. Some of the courses that are loved by many customers include:

  • Body massage
  • Foot massage
  • Body care
  • Facial care
  • Nail care
  • Shampoo
  • Kid care

Above is all the information about Aroma massage that Hygge Spa wants to share with readers. Hope this will be useful and urgent knowledge for you. If you still don’t know where to relax, visit Hygge Spa.

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